industrial design. the best materialization of your idea
smart guitar
NFC scanner
e-reader Flex
multimedia reader
Smart guitar
product design concept
design research
industrial design
design strategy
evaluation of exists products
typical development stages
preliminary evaluation
negotiations, contract signing
detailed project discussion, technical requirements confirmation
research, ideas searching
sketching and modelling
presentation (2-3 concepts)
concept confirmation
preparing 3D model for prototyping
prototype manufacturing and testing
3D model review and update for next stage of prototyping
final prototype manufacturing and testing
finalization for production
founder, industrial designer, inventor
Morokko Alexander
Born in 1987, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Graduated from the National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute.
8+ years' of industrial design experience. More than 20 products in mass production.
Specialization: consumer electronics, IoT, furniture, lighting etc.
Winner of several international design award, including:
- Red Dot Design Award 2012
- Red Dot Design Award 2014
- Red Dot Design Award 2016
Experience in collaboration with big international companies as well as startups and independent inventors.
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